I play of Blue

Painting by Audrey

Min. Suggested: ₹ 30000

Acrylic on Canvas

88 x 128 x 3 cm

Reference No. 22


About the artist

My work explores a reordering of the landscape, by painitng and drawing the earth from aerial views. I synthesize patterns that emerge when we back away from the earth just as they can emerge when we back away from our everyday lives. I invite disorientation. What does it mean to our visual perception to be conscious of ourselves floating in space where the visual polarities of horizontal and vertical dissolve into a sense of dimentionality? above and below are no longer directions but dendities. When humans stood on the oon and watched the earthrise did our personal and collective perception of space change?My interests and points of refenrence include geological time. Aboriginal art rooted in Dreamtime, Peru's Nasca and Ica lines, Hopi sand painting and East Indian women's Rangavallie patterns.As I work on the Gaia series paint landscapes of the environment where I am living at this time. Doing this keeps me rooted and keeps me respectful of nature.

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