Painting by Crystal

Min. Suggested: ₹ 40000

Pyrography, Water Colour, goldpaint

53.6 x 56 cm

Reference No. 275

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About the artist

Painting is my meditation. I go inside the silence and find an inner focus and balance. From this place of  harmony and contentment flows the inspiration for my work   I can’t remember when I started drawing and painting, My only remembrance was that I was doing it naturally from when I was very young.   As a child and young adult I enjoyed following drawing and painting lessons in my free time at the artacademie in Antwerp, Belgium. I remember painting murals on the walls of my parents house. In the years after I experienced with different materials like oilpaint, acrylic, pastelcrayons, aquarelle…. I came onto a book ‘Zen seeing Zen drawing’ and became fascinated by the organic way of this method of seeing and putting it down on paper without interference of the mental mind. The results were amazing. Another part of this way of expressing is the simplicity of the materials, pencil and paper. From this I on I stepped over on the easiness of using a pen, ink or just a marker on paper. The fluidity of lines an the surprisingly beauty that can rise out of a simple drawing made me dive into and explore this world of grace and the unexpected. Out of this came the love for using lines, connecting them in all different ways and see what the eye in the end creates of it. From this creation I work forward. Before I was already exploring the mandala with great joy and now incorporated my love for connecting lines with this form of art. In 2017 I started to work on pieces of wood using the technique of pyrographie and after work on the carving with ink, watercolor, pensil, gouache, goldpaint and goldpowder. Since I came to live in Auroville I feel much more free to explore the possibilities of expressing myself in my artwork. It’s an exciting, sometimes flowing and sometimes difficult exploration of my inner world and experience. A growing awareness about my inner and outer life makes my proces of painting more reflective and contemplative. During the making of the painting the image grows before my eyes, only then I can steer it in some direction. It is not me who constructs the paintins, it’s a play between what the lines are doing with the space and what I see coming in existence. While painting I am looking for something that is uplifting, that can bring me in a higher state of consciousness. Something that can improve my worldimage, can broaden it to new perspectives. Art is a world where I feel I can dissolve my person for a while, stand still and dive into the unknown. When I want to create a piece of art it needs to bring a message of hope, a feeling of goodness, a ray of light to the being, a fresh look at the world, an intimitness and reconnection with the soul. In these series of paintings the golden light is a central factor emerging again and again. No wonder these paintings were inspired by the sun here in India. Also the tree of life, of existance, hold its central place. A mandala is a term voor een plan, map or geometric patern that metafysical or symbolicly represents the cosmos. These 3, the golden light, the tree of life and the mandala form the basis of these serie of paintings. E-mail Contact: Crystal, Auroville

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