Painting by Gap

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17 x 19.5 cm

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About the artist

"Pseudonym, Acronym of Gh. Aarsse Prins, Paris 1941 Painter Etcher Sculptur Atelier : 15 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris France. Tel : 00 33 665445124 - gap@aarsse.com site : http://aarsse.com GAP. is a world-wilde painter. She was working 7 years in India New Delhi, and all around the world, with 41 Solo Exhibtions. GAP. is now again at her studio in Paris. « Transcending boundaries in sensing the past and experiencing the present... » Aruna Bhowmick 2003 One World, photomontages Barat Nivas Auroville « I live where I live - here there - everywhere - it's the same - the work in the earth - the matter's consciousness. » GAP. 1987 Claustra in Washington DC, etching « Her art is rooted in deep personal philosophies which she applies and embeds in her works. » Beverly Yong 1998 An Introduction to An Organised Voyage, Willie Valentine Gallery Kuala Lumpur « GAP. is a versatile artist, employing several media - including tapestry - ably. The genres in which she shows interest are equally multiple - among them portraiture being a salient one. » Keshav Malik, 2003 GAP.’s Portraits, Galerie Romain Rolland New Delhi « Understanding, Humor, Beauty of matter, Density, Tenuous equilibrium, blend onto the fixed form of the canvas ; the non revealed form. Above all GAP. is a painter. » Charles Stierling, 2001 Diversity in Unity 1957 First oil paintings 1963 First group show at Galerie Cadomus Caen, France 1965 Graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1979 First Solo Exhibtion Paintings Centre Daviel Théatre 13 Paris France 2005 Back to her atelier in Paris.

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