Temple Landscape

Painting by A Sathya

Min. Suggested: ₹ 15000

Oil on Canvas

37 x 27 cm

Reference No. 110


About the artist

"Sathya a Freelance artist. Having lived in Auroville. my whole life l have been passionate about painting. Since my early years l have continuously pursued art as my way of expressing my instincts. I've participated in many group shows, solo shows, art camps, and art residencies. I love sharing my paintings through exhibitions and participating in different activities to experience the depth of art and enlarge my perspectives more extensively. Through painting l reflect my insight that definds my emotional impression aspect about surroundings influence which evokes within. I venture out with my art materials and visit various scenes. I can begin painting when one affects me deeply. Exploring into nature to absorve and sense the exlanclency sprit of dinamic momentum is an integral part of my Art as I am drawn to the atmosphere. Dealing with light and shade I'm led into the process and l intuitively know when the process is done. As long as my life goes l can only hope to continue paint my aspiration and share with you all."

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