The Fox & the Moon

Painting by Nathalie Nuber

Min. Suggested: ₹ 5000


18 x 25 cm / Paper - 12 x 30 cm

Reference No. 46

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About the artist

"Born in Paris to a family of artists, I moved to India at the age of 7 when my family came to live in Auroville as devotees of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Growing up in India has had a profound influence in my life, in painting, sculpture or photography, as my roots are both eastern and western. Beauty, refinement, adventure and a good sense of humour are, I believe, indispensable tools for survival. Nathalie Nuber Born in Paris, Nathalie moved to India at the age of 7 when her family came to live in Auroville in the early days, as devotees of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. Growing up in Auroville has brought on a profound sense of exploration, adventure and a passion for learning. 1990 --‐ 1994 Fashion photographer --‐ Paris, France 1994 --‐ paragliding pilot license --‐ Federation Francaise de Parachutisme 1995 --‐ 1996 Painting --‐ watercolour collection --‐ Amsterdam 1996 --‐ 2016 Photography --‐ India (revues and books on education --‐ SAIIER) 1999 --‐ 2018 Designer for Capability (sculptures for Hiranandani --‐ Mumbai) 2011 --‐ Painting exhibition ‘Colourful Silence’ with Grazi --‐ Savitri Bhavan, Auroville 2011--‐ PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate 2012 --‐ Illustrator for the children book ‘The Little Wave’ by Renu Neogy‐publications--‐little--‐wave--‐p--‐ 234.html / 2013 --‐ Painting exhibition ‘Of Many Suns”--‐ Centre d’Art --‐ Citadine, Auroville 2013 --‐ Painting exhibition ""Of Many Suns” --‐ Maison Perumal, Pondicherry 2013 --‐ 2015 co created The Orchid House at The AV Botanica Gardens 2007 --‐ 2018 Project holder for the PLAY OF PAINTING --‐Udavi school, Auroville 2017 --‐ Author and illustrator: ""Just Imagine!"" a children colouring book published by Auroville Press.‐the--‐eucalyptus--‐told--‐the--‐elephant--‐4886.html 2018 --‐ Author and illustrator: “Mango Tree” a children book published by SAIIER, printed at the Auroville Press. She lives with her partner of many years in Auroville --‐ South India, where trees, mongoose, lizards and birdsong are welcome friends in a mutually beneficial environment.

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