Events Schedule

Posted on 2020-01-09

The Art for Land Exhibition and Land Fundraiser 2020 Unity Pavilion Events & Fundraisers Special events of many types will be held during the exhibition period with a wide variety of concerts, sacred song recitals, mantra chanting, several dance performances, Indian dance workshops (contemporary & Bollywood), presentations on Ayurveda, four inspiring talks on the Integral Yoga, “Creativity day” with tee-shirt painting, and several film evenings. “Auroville’s Land – the Need & the Challenge” will be presented by the Land Board on February 8th at 4 PM. There will also be a Fundraising Dinner (Jan. 26th at 5 PM), the Generosity Fair & Afternoon Tea (Feb 16th at 3 PM), and the exhibition’s Closing Ceremony with music & a special meditation around the Peace Table in the Hall of Peace. (Feb. 21st at 3 PM). 

Here is the complete events schedule and for the most recent updates: (or tel. 2623-576)